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January 26, 2018 - 2:00 pm

Eye on Veterans is all about helping fellow vets connect with each other — and with useful, actionable information.

Here's more about news, people and programs we've recently featured in our daily reports and on the two-hour Eye on Veterans weekend broadcast.


Documentary Art Film  A Land for War  explores Fort Ord 

On our program airing and streaming March 3-4, we talk with filmmaker Enid Baxter Ryce about her experimental documentary film A Land for War, which visually explores the central California chaparral produced about Fort Ord, an Army based closed two decades ago -- after more than a hundred years of serving as a training site for American soldiers.

Here is a short excerpt of the film:


Washington Post Letters from War Series

After a veteran near Phoenix happened across a treasure trove of one family's World War Two letters, he passed them on to the Washington Post, which read through them all, then shared the amazing story of a family with multiple sons in the conflict.

You can read the series of articles -- and hear some of the letters read out loud by modern-day veterans here.


Navy Vet -- now-Las Vegas-based Hip Hop Artist -- B. Taylor

We recently told you about the amazing military service experience of former sailor B. Taylor.  You can find out more about B. here.

Here's one of his recent music videos:


Tiny Homes for Homeless Vets in Kansas City

A non-profit group in Missouri is building a village of tiny homes to serve as transitional housing for homeless vets.  The homes provide a measure of security, privacy and independence for the vets -- in an environment also providing on-site healthcare, mental health and financial counseling designed to help vets stabilize their lives to the point they can get more permanent roofs over their heads.  Find out more about the program here.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund In Memory Program

Do you know a Vietnam War veteran who did not die in combat -- but whose death after coming home resulted from his or her service in that conflict?  The people who built and operate the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. have created a way to remember those whose names are not included on "the wall."  Find out more about their "In Memory" program here


The Robotic Device "Re-Arming" Disabled Vets

We talked with Paul Gudonis of the health-tech company Myomo about a device its scientists created to provide movement ability to veterans and others who had lost the ability to use their arms.  Learn more about Myomo (short for "my own motion") here.

Here's the story of one vet whose life was changed by the device:  


Hoodies for the Homeless

We introduced you to Marine-turned-musician Tavis Eaton, who -- looking for a way to continue to serve, even after hanging up his uniform -- created a non-profit offering an easy way for fans coming to see his band -- and others -- to help homeless people in the New York City area weather the winter.


Force Blue

What happens when you repurpose former special forces divers -- and team them up with some of the nation's top marine biologists?  A unique conservation and education effort designed to help save the world's coral reefs.  Learn more about it here.


Shooting Ghosts

They met in pitched combat: Marine Sergeant Thomas Brennan and Finbarr O'Reilly, a civilian war photographer -- and became friends, despite neither having thought that would be the outcome.  In a book they've written together, Shooting Ghosts, the two discuss how -- individually and together, they confronted insidious memories of what they'd been through.


Weight of Honor

A new documentary film shares five years in the lives of people caring for catastrophically-injured service members.


Team Afghan Power

We introduced you to a group of miltitary vets whose service in Afghanistan led them to want to do more to help the people they met there.  Team Afghan Power is working to bring sustainable electricity to small villages there.  There's more about their project here.


Comfort Farms

We told you the story of an Army vet running a farm in central Georgia that offers "agricultural therapy" to veterans who just need a few days or weeks working in the fresh air.  There's more about how spending time harvesting crops or caring for farmyard animals can help here.



On one of the first Eye on Veterans episodes, you heard musician Joe Walsh talk inaugurating what he hopes will be a series of Farm Aid-like concerts honoring American veterans and raising money for veterans charities.  It was on this episode that many of us learned for the first time that Joe is a "gold star kid."  His father died in a miltiary training accident on Okinawa when Joe was still a toddler.  Learn more about VetsAid here.