ConnectingVets and CBS News partner to put Eye on Veterans

Internationally-broadcast radio program focuses on veterans

Kaylah Jackson
January 26, 2018 - 12:36 pm

Just months into its mission of working to connect military veterans with useful resources — and each other — has launched an exciting new venture with CBS News Radio.

Radio stations across the U. S. are now broadcasting two radio programs: brief, daily Eye on Veterans reports and a two-hour magazine-format weekend program, also called Eye on Veterans.  Both highlight news, resources and cultural issues important to men and women transitioning back to civilian life after military service.  The broadcasts also introduce veterans making a difference in their communities.

"With the launch of Eye on Veterans," said Chris Oliviero, "we are excited to begin collaborating on new programming vehicles with CBS News Radio that will engage and inform audiences on topics that resonate coast to coast.”  Oliviero is executive vice president for programming at Entercom, the company that operates

Retired Marine Captain Chas Henry is producing and hosting Eye on Veterans.

Eye on Veterans Host Chas Henry

“I’m proud to be part of the Eye on Veterans project,” said the longtime national security correspondent.  “I know how it feels to get out of the military and suddenly not be surrounded by the men and women who were the support network you didn’t fully appreciate until it wasn’t there anymore.”

“We can do some real good by sharing stories of vets who have done well, and others who are still struggling,” Henry added.  “It reminds us that none of us is going through it alone.  Beyond that, there are a lot of individuals, private groups and government agencies out there genuinely interested in helping veterans.  We’re making it our mission to find and share great opportunities useful to fellow vets."

“Finally, we hope to have some fun along the way," he said.  "There really is a military culture that vets take from their time in uniform.  Eye on Veterans will help us all keep in touch with that.”

Henry encouraged fellow veterans to leave voicemail messages at 844.499.VETS -- to suggest stories he and reporters should pursue and tell.

In the New York City metropolitan area, Eye on Veterans reports can be heard weekdays at around 8:50 a.m., 1:20 p.m. and 7:20 p.m. on WCBS Newsradio 880.

The two-hour Eye on Veterans audio magazine airs each weekend on many CBS News Radio stations.  It also streams twice Saturday and twice Sunday on

Here's when you can hear it stream:

Saturdays      Noon-2 p.m. Eastern Time  |  6-8 p.m. Eastern Time

Sundays         8-10 a.m. Eastern Time  |  2-4 p.m. Eastern Time

Outside the United States, military service members and their families will soon be able to hear Eye on Veterans -- both the daily reports and weekend program -- on AFN, the American Forces Network.

"Our AFN Radio listeners include veterans working and living overseas," said Scott Stover, chief of radio and TV at the American Forces Network Broadcast Center.  "Then there are the active duty force members serving outside the U. S.  They'll be veterans one day themselves.  So we appreciate content like Eye on Veterans that informs current and future veterans about issues affecting them."

Here’s the studio where Eye on Veterans is produced.